The great skid debate: UHMW, Steel or Aluminum? What if we said the answer is all of them! If you're looking to rock crawl your Jeep, this video is for you.

Factory skids on your Jeep JL/ JT/ JK leave your oil pan and transmission skid exposed and are not ideal long term for rock crawling. A full steel system is heavy, and aluminum doesn't have the best wear/ abrasion resistance. But, combine steel crossmembers, aluminum skids, and a base layer of UHMW, and you have the best combination of materials for slipping and sliding over obstacles on the trail!

This video covers the features of our skid systems, material choice and use, a little bit of product testing in Utah, and a walk through of the skid system installation! We also include a look into how it’s made: the process of laser cutting, CNC forming, and TIG welding that goes into the skid systems we build here in Western Colorado.

Stay tuned for more wrenching and wheeling videos!

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The skid system in this video can be found for your Jeep here:
JK Wrangler
JL Wrangler
JT Gladiator

Download the Jeep Wrangler JL/Jeep Gladiator JT Installation PDF

The links above to instructions may change - but this link will take you to our Installation Instructions Database, including the installation guides for our JL Diesel, JT Diesel, and 392 specific skid systems: Install Database

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