The Toad Road (21 Road)

Since our move this spring, we’ve focused most of our efforts on building the new shop and getting orders out the door. But, no offroad newsletter should find itself without a trail report, and I’m happy to say we’ve still been adventuring. I was recently invited to 21 Road here in Grand Junction… or as it’s affectionately called by the locals who have adopted it, “The Toad Road.”

Undercut cave-like feature on 21 Road along the Canyon as pictured on the Fun-Treks website (

Undercut cave-like feature on 21 Road along the Canyon as pictured on the Fun-Treks website (

The name “21 Road” comes from the street’s location — 21 miles East of the Utah Colorado border. Many of the local roads are named using this nomenclature (our shop is located on 23 and a 1/4 Road for example) however this road doesn’t dead-end at the Bookcliffs that make up the mountainous border north of the I-70… this one continues as a trail. Along the trail, you’ll find a portion of the wash bed bypassed for vehicular traffic as a toad habitat. Thanks to this bypass, and the care of the trail by the local Grand Mesa Jeep club, we hope to see this trail remain open to us and our fellow Jeepers for many years to come.

Pictured Above: Our trail guide, Tyler, leading the way in this rare 6-tone paint job MJ Comanche Jeep Pickup. Tyler is the newest member of the Next Venture Motorsports Team as our welder/ fabricator.

A graded dirt road parallels the 4×4 trail for much of the route; after a certain point they converge and only the 4×4 trail remains….  Eventually, the obstacles grow into “buggy lines” and those with full-body rigs (like our JL) can decide between preserving their sheet metal by turning around or coming home with body damage on their rig. For now, we decided we liked the hardtop and doors in their original shapes and haven’t attempted the last part of the trail. We may follow Tyler in our 73 Commando project next time in order to see the rest of the trail!

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