This Next Venture Motorsports/Lite Brite Frame Chop Kit is going to be going into production after some further testing and feedback collection!
See the bottom of this page to sign up for updates on this product or reserve your spot in line for one.

What's shown here is our original Prototype for use with the Warn 9.0 RC winch. Additional changes coming may allow for some larger full size winches, as well as an optional full aluminum front bumper that goes over the winch and winch tray assembly to give you a choice between the bare bones steel winch tray option shown here, and a full finished appearance.
Chris from Lite Brite has already documented parts of the frame chop process in this video. The chop removes 5.25" of the front frame rail, and will require the use of an aftermarket front sway bar, in addition to an aftermarket a/c condensor that Lite Brite is working on spec'ing out currently.

We would love to hear your feedback on this upcoming product; and if you would like to reserve your spot in line for a frame chop kit, please just enter in your information below! We are not taking deposits on this product yet, but we anticipate that these will be shipping early next year!


  • Cary Richardson

    Any updates??

  • Mark Hill

    I can’t wait looking forward to this upgrade to be released!

  • Kyle Burroughs

    Hello I watched the Leigh right video and really dig the stubby bumper look. Definitely wanting to purchase once available.


    please put me on your list for jl frame chop

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