2020-2024+ jeep gladiator jt parts

JT Bumpers

Whether you're looking to add stout recovery points, flat towing capabilities, or a winch, we've got you've covered. Our bumpers are inspired by the demands of the trail, where form follows function.

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heavy duty steel

JT Rock Sliders

The strongest JT rock sliders on the market. Period. Constructed from 2" Structural DOM tubing with optional solid inserts. Weld on and frame mounted so you can depend on them every time.

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trusses & Skids

JT Axle Armor

We offer Differential covers, Axle Trusses, Pinion Protection, FAD Skids and Control Arm Skids for the JT. Strengthen your housings, and protect your pinions to get the most life our of your axles on the trail.

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ram mounts for

JT Steering

If you're looking to run big tires and a hydro assist ram, the right ram mount is crucial.

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aluminum + UHMW

JT Belly Skid Systems

Protect your most critical components, like your engine, transmission, transfercase and fuel tank. Constructed from 1/4" Aluminum, with Optional 3/8" UHMW to give you the highest performing slip and slide skid system to prevent you from hanging up on obstacles. Available as Full Belly Skid Systems or Individual MOD Skids.

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JT Fenders

Increase tire clearance and minimize bump stops with our JT Front Fender Flares and Fender Liners (Rear JT Flares and Liners Coming Soon!)

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    2020+ Jeep Gladiator 

    The new Jeep Gladiator JT Pickup was introduced as a 2020 model and has proved to be as big a hit as any of it's predecessors both on and off the trail immediately. Originally offered with just the 3.6 and gasoline engine, the choices have grown to include the 3.0 Eco Diesel. The Gladiator is the first Jeep pickup since the Comanche was discontinued in 1992, and also holds the record for being the last American pick up truck to be available with a manual transmission option for the die hard enthusiasts.

    Despite the longer wheelbase, the JT has proven itself to perform fantastically on many difficult trails where more trucks would not dare go thanks to the front solid axle, and front/rear lockers available on this versatile platform.
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