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new release
Looking for an aluminum belly skid system for your new diesel JLU? This system covers the usual suspects, in addition to the exhaust and DEF systems!
New release
jl flush led tail lamp housings
The big bold boxy rear factory tail lamps on the JL are a hit for style; unfortunately, they're often a hit on trails' rocks, trees, and obstacles as well... We've designed slimmer metal housings to bring your tail lamps in much closer to the body.

Pair these with our JL Rear Corner Armor for maximum protection.
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new release
jl rear corner armor
Precisely CNC formed to wrap around and protect your JL's rear corners. Offered in heavy duty 3/16" Aluminum or Steel.
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new release
introducing our rimrocker series rear bumpers
Moving to the Colorado/Utah border has adventure calling to us more then ever. This bumper design has been inspired by just that. The name "Rimrocker" comes from the Rimrocker Trail -- an Interstate overland trail that connects the rock crawling of Moab, Utah to Montrose, Colorado. We built these for the hardcore crawling at both ends of the trail, and anything in between.

This Slim Fitting Full Width/ Wrap Around JL Rear Bumper is CAD designed, Laser cut, CNC formed, Fabricated, and Hand-welded with pride in the USA. Crafted from a combination of 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1" thick steel, this rear bumper is both lightweight and stout-where-it-counts, so that you can hit the hardcore trails with confidence!
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New Release
Rimrocker Series Rocksliders
Designed to take on the hardest trails without flinching, with the most coverage possible -- all the way up to the bottom of the door sills! Fabricated right here in Colorado from massive 2" DOM Tubing and 1/4" + 3/16" Laser Cut Steel.
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New release
ALUMINUM featherweight JL Front bumpers
Precisely CNC Formed and Hand TIG welded with pride right here in Colorado from 1/4" Aluminum with a backbone of 1/4" Steel for a great combination of weight savings and strength for those hardcore trails.
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NEW release
JL/JT adventure series - factory fog edition - front bumper
We've had a lot of folks ask us to offer another version of our Adventure Series JL/JT front bumpers -- one that can re-use the Factory Foglights instead of aftermarket lighting -- so here it is!
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New Release
Aluminum Featherweight Series JL BUMPERS
Precisely CNC Formed and Hand TIG welded with pride right here in Colorado from a combination of 1/4", 3/8" and 3/16" Aluminum for a great combination of weight savings and strength for those hardcore trails.
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NEW release
jlu aluminum belly skids
When you want to be ready for any trail, any time, skid plates are important. They protect your JL's most critical components -- and you want your engine, transmission, transfer case and fuel tank in good shape while you're tackling tough terrain, technical obstacles, and of course for the ride home.

Designed with maximum coverage, and a great combination of strength and weight savings in mind, we're proud to introduce our JLU Aluminum Belly Skids.
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