from left to right

the shop crew

Tyler, Welding & Fabrication

Adam, Shipping & Customer Service

Dan, Design & Product Development

Not Pictured:
Casey (Business Development), Chandler (CAD Design), Weston (Welding and Fabrication), Wes (Software Development)

do what you love

Next Venture Motorsports was born out of a commitment to innovative design, fabrication and a passion for off-roading. We are committed to designing and fabricating quality products that will see you through your next adventure and get you back home. We proudly build parts for Jeeps from the latest JL/JT to CJs, Jeepsters and Flat Fenders from the 1940s.

Founded 2014 in Arizona, we are now located in Grand Junction, Colorado -- because so much of what we love is right here. Grand Junction places us just 90 minutes from the Jeep Mecca of Moab Utah, and two hours from the Alpine Trail systems and mountain passes near Ouray, Colorado. 

Examples of our work can be found on 4x4s belonging to adventure loving, weekend (or full time) trail warriors we’re proud to call customers and friends, including Kevin and Brittany Williams of The Lite Brite YouTube Channel, Todd Holzwarth’s “JL Rubitron” SEMA Build, Michael Shelswell of High Centered Off-Road, Don Scott and The National Biodiesel Board’s Cummins Commando Jeepster build, and Kaleigh Miller’s Rebelle Rally winning TJ.

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grateful to collaborate

Lite Brite studios

Kevin and Brittany have collaborated on a few new releases with us. Our JLU OBA system, Rear Differential Skid, and our first JL Hydroassist Ram Mount were all tested on the "Stepchild" JLU.

JL and JT RUbitron

Rubitron builder Todd has colloborated with us on both the JL Rubitron and the JT Rubitron builds.

the rally tj that could

Examples of our work can be found all over Kaleigh Miller's Rebelle Rally winning Jeep Wrangler TJ. Our flat belly skid, front winch bumper, and interior bracing was all prototyped and test fit off of this rig. Not only did Kaleigh and her builder give us lots of good feedback on the build, but she went to the rally and brought home 1st place.

our approach to business

integrity. NO BS.

We care what happens down the trail. Today, tomorrow, 10 years from now. We back what we make.

we listen to our spotters here

Without communication, there is no connection. Just like on the trail, we want to make sure we're headed in the right direction when we're making something for you.


Our products are rigid, our approach is not. With every new experience comes evolution of our designs. Need something that we don't make? Reach out, we'll take a look at what it takes to make it.

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