Rich and the Magnaflow team did some really cool prototyping and test fitting on the new OVRLNDX 392 with Marco and managed to keep our skids in place!

We are truly humbled to see Magnaflow working around our 392 belly skids for this prototype exhaust system. This video from Marco of OVRLNDX was a bit of a fun surprise for us over the long weekend, and definitely worth the watch to see how Magnaflow has set up their facility, production floor and tech center -- even if this just barely scratches the surface of what they are doing over there! Fun to watch Rich and his team do some prototyping, and Marco did a great job of putting this video together. Head over to the OVRLNDX YouTube channel to watch the full video!

Planning to run Magnaflow Exhaust with your Next Venture Skid System?

Magnaflow offers multiple 392 JLU exhaust systems. Not all of them are compatible with our skids out of the box. If you are considering running their exhaust with our skid system, please let them know before you order their system to ensure you are ordering something that is compatible with our skids.


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