317 miles of Moab trails are slated for closure before the end of the month. That's 28% of the OHV routes in this area, previously included in the BLM's 2008 Travel Management Plan. Hey Joe Canyon, Hell Roaring Canyon, and 10 Mile Wash are among the trails you may have your last chance to run this month.

Closure is not management: we believe in responsible land use, and preservation of public access to these lands.

What are we doing about it? The 90 second video below was released on our social media earlier this month. To all of those who already watched and shared this to bring a bit of attention to this subject, thank you! 

"From here on out, 5% of all our profits at Next Venture are going to fight decisions like this; challenging them and preserving access to public lands."

While organizations like Blue Ribbon Coalition are already fighting the good fight, we can still do something to help!
Next Venture Motorsports just signed up as a Premium Organization Partner with BlueRibbon Coalition. We encourage you to check them out at their website ShareTrails.org and consider becoming a member of BRC and making a nominal donation.
317 Miles At Risk:
5 Things We Can Do
"Here are five actions you can take to help us fight to keep the 317 miles of internationally recognized, world-class offroad routes that the Bureau of Land Management closed: https://www.sharetrails.org/the-brc-action-plan-for-moab-five-actions-you-can-take-to-fight-for-our-trails/

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