As Seen On Motortrend: FOURWHEELER with Ian Johnson (Bronco Belly Skid Install)

If you've been following along with Ian Johnson since the mid-2000s like us, you've probably seen a lot of his unique builds go under the knife and hit the trail! In this episode of Fourwheeler, Ian takes a brand new Bronco 2 door, and armors it up for the trail, fits 37s to it, and discusses some of the first "must do" install items for taking a new Ford Bronco out on the trail.

We were the most excited to see our Aluminum Bronco Belly Skid System make the list, and agree that they are a great way to protect your vitals and improve the performance of any rig that's trying to slide over rocks with the assistance of the bolt on UHMW layer that you'll only find from Next Venture Motorsports.

Fourwheeler Season 4 Episode 7 ("New Bronco") can be found on Motortrend TV or Online with a subscription to Motortrend+ (or 7 day free trial) by clicking here!

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  • Jaime Garcia

    Where can I find that Transmission pan?

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