Epic Update on Canadian Shipping Rates!

We've had a ton of questions about our shipping rates to Canada! Our bumpers, rock sliders, and especially our belly skid systems have "oversize" box surcharges, and regularly cross the 50lb/22kg threshold for extra weight surcharges as well. The cost to ship these items has been going up the past couple of years. They're not inexpensive to move even across our home State of Colorado, but the further we ship the items, the more we see the shipping charges stack up!
Shipments to Canada have often had some of the higher shipping rates we've seen our website calculator (this is based on the carrier's automatic calculations - not something we set) and we're always looking for a better way!

And so we did! We are proud to partner with Epic Adventure Outfitters in British Columbia to bring our products up north! If you're looking for our products and want to ship to Canada, give Christian and the crew at Epic Adventure Outfitters a call! Not only can they set up freight forwarding to their shop, but they are also an experienced and proven premier-builder of Jeep Wranglers, Gladiators, Ram Trucks and Bronco's!

If the name sounds familiar, you've probably seen them featured on YouTube channels like Casey 250 or The Story Till Now building Jeeps for - you guessed it - epic adventures.

You can give them a call at 604-888-2961 or head over to their website at epic-4wd.com !

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