Our first featured build is Kaleigh Miller, who I have known personally for the better part of a decade as Kaleigh Hotchkiss. After winning the Rebelle Rally — a no-GPS-allowed, map, and compass timed navigation Rally — in a Jeep JK, and again the following year in her personally owned Rally TJ, many interviewers have beat me to the above questions. Just last month, Jeep published an interview with her on the Jeep Wave. You can read the full interview here.

Pictured Above: Rebelle Rally Team #125 Coming In Hot! 

Using only factory offered Jeep drivetrain components, this rig does feature something not often found in early TJs: a 4 speed automatic/AW4 swap from a Jeep Cherokee, a custom Next Venture flat belly skid built specifically for the swap, a rear Dana 44, and a stronger High Pinion Dana 30 up front rather than the more common low pinion axle. 

Next Venture sliders, roll cage tie ins, and raised motor mounts can also be found on this otherwise stock appearing little sleeper of a Jeep. In place of the front factory bumper and cross member, is our recessed winch mount bumper seen above. We developed this with the team in order to mount a Warn M8000 winch as low as physically possible in order to sacrifice nothing in terms of center of gravity and to not block airflow to the radiator. If you want to take a closer look at this finish line crossing TJ bumper, you can see more here on our website.


  • Mike Beattie

    Still interested in the winch mount on the TJ.

  • Scott Barrett

    Have you stopped offering the recessed winch bumper from the Jeep TJ?

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