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Easter Jeep Safari is a popular time for trail runs in the iconic rock crawling Mecca of Moab, Utah. Trail runs are planned throughout the week leading up to Easter; but not all things went to plan on this trail run to Top Of The World!

If it's been a while since you've run this trail, you might notice that the trail has changed a bit the past few years and has increased in difficulty a touch. If you are looking for an easy trail day, we recommend a sunny fair weather day - just like we intended to have! While we don't recommend wheeling in inclement weather, we do recommend that you come prepared for anything as weather along the Eastern edge of Utah can change quickly! The previous day was sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky; but we were glad to have our hardtops and doors on for this one. The views were a bit harder to see at the edge with all the fogs and cloud, but it was well worth the journey to the top!

We do runs to Moab more often then just Easter Jeep Safari -- so stayed tune for news on other future Moab trail days!

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