This past weekend, Dan and two members of the team were in Sand Hollow, Utah for Winter 4x4 Jamboree

While our production crew was hard at work completing and shipping a record number of orders on Friday, it was a treat for a few members of the team to get out on the trails and connect with folks at the vendor show.

For those of you who have not been to the Sand Hollow area, add it to your list! Unlike Moab, which has fairly prescribed trails, most of the wheeling in Sand Hollow is limited only by the capability of your vehicle and your driving skill. You can pick your line and your own trail in this large open recreational area. Instead of being limited by 10 ft. to your right or left, you can forge your own path in any direction with rock crawling, dunes, and a beautiful lake to enjoy. If you prefer more of a plan, there are mapped-out trails in the area – many of which require technical driving most of the time, and will be sure to challenge your rig! 

Our rigs hit Milts Mile on Wednesday and Triple 7 on Thursday with folks from Winter 4x4 Jamboree. Like many wheeling adventures, some wrenching was required. We were drilling holes in our JK’s steering knuckle at midnight on Wednesday after we folded the stock drag link on Milt’s. Luckily, we had all the parts with us (save for the 55/64ths drill bit specified) to do an emergency swap in the parking lot, and we were back on the trails the next morning. It was also the perfect chance to test the strength of our newly released Featherweight JK Aluminum Featherweight Front Bumper, obstacle after obstacle, with RJ’s JK out on the trails.

At the vendor show, we featured some top sellers in person on our new display stand (lookout for a new drop on these soon wholesale partners!) and sold all of our display units on the spot. We were also fortunate to snag Lite Brite Nation’s Hemi-swapped “Stepchild” for our booth display – we’ve worked with Lite Brite over the last three years, using the Stepchild as a test vehicle for some of our most popular products. Our on-board air kit, aluminum belly skids, aluminum featherweight front and rear bumpers, aluminum corner armor, flush LED tail lamp housings, rock sliders, and the soon-to-be-released frame chop bumper all made their debut on the Stepchild. We’re also working on some more awesome products with them for another awesome 4x4 platform….details soon to come!

For those who ran with us, thanks for a great time! Here’s the link(s) to our camera dumps. Feel free to steal any photos of you that you want.

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