We get a lot of questions about reusing OEM foglights. The most commonly found Foglights are seen in the middle of the picture below (labeled Rubicon/Sahara Plastic) and our Next Venture Motorsports bumpers are designed to mount those lights without the use of any adapters.
In addition to these options, we are also very happy with the SAE Round Foglights made by Baja Designs. You'll find pictures of these in some of our bumper product photos taking place of the factory fog lights. While these do require an adapter to be used, they do fit inside the holes that are otherwise cut out and intended for factory style/OEM Foglights. The diameter of the SAE lights from Baja is a bit smaller then OEM lights, which gives you the freedom to aim and adjust the lights to your liking without interference to the bumper.


  • Anonymous

    @Tyler S. Regarding the JL sport plastic bumper – your foglights should bolt in without issue!

  • Tyler schlecht

    I have a sport jl with plastic front bumper. It has factory led fog lights. can they be mounted in the aluminum adventure bumper without an adapter?

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