Bronco Rear Diff Cover (M220)
Jeep JL JT Rear Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M220).
Jeep JL JT Rear Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M220).
Bronco Rear Diff Cover (M220)

Bronco Rear Diff Cover (M220)


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  • Bare Metal In Stock (3-5 day lead time) and Estimated Lead Time for Plated and Coated Options 2-4 weeks

Heavy Duty Rear Differential Cover for the 2021+ Bronco Dana M220

This will *not* fit Bronco Sport or Bronco Raptor as they are not equipped with the M220 Dana Rear Axle.

Looking to add a skid underneath you entire differential and pinion? Pair this diff cover with our Bronco Rear Diff Skid for the best combined differential protection.


These are heavy duty differential covers ready for the new Bronco, and whatever the trail can throw at it! Upgrading to heavy duty covers is a must for "heavy users" or anyone looking to protect their axles while playing near rocks. We pride ourselves on these because of the (not so) minor detail of machining the mating surface flat unlike many of the other fabricated covers we've seen out there. Good hot welds will leave covers like these warped unless machined post-welding.

These are CAD designed using 3D models and precise 3D Scans for a fantastic fit, and to maximize clearance to the trackbar and suspension. These are constructed from a 3/8" steel laser cut flange, and 1/4" steel laser cut and CNC formed body. These are beautifully hand welded inside and outside for the utmost strength.

These are decked flat/drilled in one of our in-house CNC mills *after welding*. This ensures that the mating surface is flat, and the bolt pattern is a precise match, regardless of any heating/cooling/warping that would be the result of the welding process. Because of this, RTV sealant is optional, and a factory style re-usable gasket can still be used.

Hardware kit and fill plug are included. Made with pride in the USA.

This differential cover can be used standalone but is also designed to work with our Bronco Rear Diff Skid (coming soon!) for even more coverage to the pinion and to provide your axle with a smooth surface to slide over rocks/obstacles.

We offer these in bare metal, black zinc plating, textured black powder coat, and a smooth red powder coat option.

We have all heard this conversation on the trail:
Driver:"What am I stuck on?"
Spotter: "A rock!"
Driver: "No, what part of the rig?!"
Oftentimes, the answer to that question is the lowest hanging part of your 4x4 - your differential. The factory covers do a great job of keeping fluid inside where it belongs, and dirt/debris outside. Where they don't always excel is rock crawling... where a factory cover flange can be peeled away from the cover and break the seal. Not only is cleaning that gear oil up off the trail time-consuming, the damage done to your ring and pinion or bearings due to lack of lubrication can ruin your day too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the torque spec for the included M8 Grade 12.9 bolts? It is 34 ft lbs as measured on a torque wrench.

Do I need to use the factory gasket?
Yes. The reusable factory gasket is quite thick and this cover is designed for use *with* it. Clearance to internal components may be decreased without it.

Additional Details

Products are designed and fabricated to fit vehicles that have varying tolerances from the factory, minor hand fitting may be required.

Products are shipped bare metal unless otherwise specified by the customer. Bare metal products may have scratches or surface imperfections as a result of raw material handling, manufacturing, and fabrication. However, these imperfections are easily covered up with a textured powder coat finish. Additional finishing, sanding, and prep work may be required if you wish to also have them finished with a smooth powder coat or paint.

Projected lead times are estimates only, and are subject to changes due to production realities, including material and labor availability and sudden variability in order volume. Lead times are not guaranteed, but we do guarantee that we are hard at work trying to get the best product we can produce and into our customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

All Next Venture Motorsports products are laser cut, CNC formed, and hand-weld with pride in the USA. We are a Colorado-based business, and welcome visitors by appointment at our Grand Junction, CO headquarters. We hope to see you out there on the trail soon!

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M220 Diff Cover

Cover is extremely well built fit perfectly and looks good also. Customer service at Next Venture was top notch. Thanks for the great products

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