Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders
Bronco Rock Sliders

Bronco Rock Sliders


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  • Estimated Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Ford Bronco Rock Sliders - Body Mounted

If you have seen the latest updates on the Lite Brite Studios 'Plan B' Bronco Build -- then you might already know that we've been working with the Lite Brite team on testing and refining a set of body mounted Rock Sliders for the new 2021+ Ford Bronco. A large focus of ours collectively, has been adding additional reinforcements and mounting points to strengthen the connection between these heavy duty rock sliders, and the Ford Bronco body. With additional drilling, these additional mounting points along the pinch seam can be used to provide additional mounting points to the Bronco body.

These are made from a combination of 2" DOM Round Tube (120 wall) and 1/4"+3/16" laser cut steel plate that is CNC formed. The 3/16" laser cut steel plate that spans the distance between the 2 structural tubes is designed with minimal rock catching cutouts -- to provide a strong smooth surface that will slide over rocks and obstacles.

Unlike other products on the market, there is no requirement to have/source factory rock slider brackets, as mounting brackets are included and additional mounting positions are built into the pinch seam rail on the sliders. Use of these additional mounting points is optional, but recommended if you're planning to really test the abilities of your vehicle. 4 additional holes are required to be drilled along the bottom pinch seam of the Bronco body per side. Additional optional mounting points above the pinch seam require population of existing holes with rivet-nuts.

UHMW - The Ultra High Molecular Weight Option

Want to make these rock sliders slippery and even more impact-resistant? Select the UHMW Option! UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight. It's the 1/4" thick black cutting board like material that can be optioned onto these skids; it is more abrasion resistance than carbon steel, and it's far lighter weight. It helps to better distribute and absorb impacts, and keep you sliding along rather than getting stuck or hanging up on an obstacle since it's slippery and self lubricating. If you select this option, the UHMW will come pre-installed on large flat face the rock sliders.

The UHMW can be added later on, and all holes/mounting provisions are included and pre-cut regardless of the configuration you initially order.

Length Options

Want to run 40" tires? We originally released these rock sliders to take place of the OEM sliders and offer the same protection to the front fenders. This works perfectly if you have factory bodywork, but causes an issue if you're running 40" tires and the required larger wheel well openings up front. We now offer these shortened 3" (up at the front) to eliminate that interference if you want to run big tires and match the rock slider up to your new body work!

Customer Reviews

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Rock Sliders

Great product. Time to hit some trails.

Michael Yong
Happy customer

I just installed them on my 2023 Badlands. The quality and design are really impressive. The installation process was not bad and the fit was spot on. Really happy with their product.

Canyon Cooler
Suitable for mine fields

Perfect for IED's or extreme rock crawling these monster thick beasts are worth going to war in..My install took much longer, because I lacked a stubby ratchet drive. So I do recommend that tool be at the ready. The product was perfectly aligned for an otherwise easy install.

Easy install and beefy

Installation was very easy and straight forward. They look great and are very beefy adding a great dimension to the Bronco. While I have yet to get them rock crawling, I feel they'll hold up to anything!

Bomb Proof

I purchased these to replace a damaged OEM slider. On my first trail ride I dropped the passenger side OEM slider onto a rock and broke a mounting bolt, bent the rail, and dented the rocker enough to close the gap between the rocker and the door. I didn’t think it was a hard hit, but my passenger disagrees.

These look great and I’d say they are bomb-proof. Weld quality and fitment is excellent. The mounting system is outstanding compared to the OEM rail. Install was generally easy using a floor jack and a creeper. It took about 1 to 1-1/2 hours per side unless you choose to install the optional eight fasteners or remove and replace the optional UHMW for painting (see below). You will want a 9/16" stubby ratchet wrench (like a Gear Wrench) for the carriage bolts.

The NV sliders weigh 80lb per side vs 30lb for the OEM (four door model, brackets included), you will drag your feet or your calf across them every time you get out of the vehicle, and they are definitely mud collectors.

The UHMW and aluminum end plates come installed with nylocks. It takes about an hour to disassemble for paint or powder coat. It takes at least another hour to reassemble them and do note that the American flags are directional and left-right side specific. You will also want to cut or drill a small hole in the aluminum where it covers the slider drain hole. Lightly tighten the UHMW as it starts to warp quickly. Local powder coating was $200 with a two-week lead. You may want to lightly sand the tubes before coating. There is just a bit of grit or weld spatter on there.

Regarding the optional fasteners, you’ll need (8) ¼-20 x 1 hex bolts with nuts and washers (not included), and a good selection of drill bits. I burned four new DeWalt drill bits on one side and ended up with four 1/8” holes in the pinch weld which I painted over and gave up. That pinch weld is area is like drilling a continuous spot weld. At least mine was. Also, you are instructed to assemble the sliders to the vehicle and mark the hole locations, and disassemble for drilling, so use some temporary non-lock nuts for the pre-assembly step, or maybe just make a paper template from the slider and transfer the hole locations.

Last, I reused two of the OEM bolts in the front-most mounting brackets. There is a hole in the provided bracket and a previously unused threaded hole in the vehicle, but no fastener provided for this location. If you want to match the NV fasteners you need (2) M10 x 35 hex bolts which are longer than the factory bolts.

What would I change? I’d like to see the slider end near the front tire angled down to deflect mud and gravel down. I will probably install a small “mudflap” between the front flare and the slider as it seems to funnel mud and rocks up the door. There are two existing holes provided by NV that look like they were designed for this. I’d prefer the rails to be about ¾” to 1” closer to the body for a daily driver, but I fully appreciate them sticking out for rock duty. The drains of the end "pockets” of the sliders are covered by the aluminum plates. I'll be grinding a small drain hole in there. Every other pocket has a large drain and the UHMW is milled to match. I’d also love to see about 20lbs knocked off but that may be a big ask.

I can strongly recommend these sliders for the durability and the fact that it was one of the easier installs that I’ve done due to the thoughtful mounting design and quality of fabrication. And...Made in the USA baby!

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Our team got into the game after rock crawling, wrenching, fabricating and being inspired to design and build parts for what we love to do: hit the trail.

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They invited me and my whole crew in for a tour of the facility on our way to Moab. These guys not only produce amazing armor for your Jeep, they are really good people. So, I’ve been running their rear diff skid for 9 months and it has easily held up to everything I’ve thrown at it.

Gary Swogger
Felton, DE

After this go around with Moab and Holy cross, the diff skids did their job and protected my Jeep. My rear aluminum bumper performed phenomenally on the trail!

Rennato Lopez
Colorado Springs, CO

Can’t say enough about Dan and his ultra skilled team! Dan was able to get us in for a skidplate with UHMW & sliders for our JKUR. The fit, finish and quality are just out of this world! Can you say “stacked dimes”? Absolutely gorgeous welds…

Lance Wende
Montrose, CO

2 years later I'm writing this review. I've beaten the crap out of this thing hitting rocks, winching, draging it down obstacles, and now exposed to the Florida elements. The bumper looks like it did the day they sent it. You will not find a better company to work with that cares about their clients and their products!

JL/ JT Front Bumper - Adventure Series - Factory Fog Lights.
Kelly Colwell
Panama City, FL

My rear Next Venture diff skid takes a beating! Best rear diff skid available. Well done!

Lee Bower

Quality is amazing, items fit perfectly. Couldn't be more happy; these are gonna help out a lot between the tons and LS1.

Austin Besnier
Lakeland, FL

Without a doubt, Next Venture Motorsports is my first stop for epic Jeep parts. Their JL aluminum front and rear featherweight bumpers are solidly built, easy enough to install, and crafted to perfection. I can't wait for more products for my 2 door JL!

Michael Collette
Kimberly, WI

AWESOME quality and customer service. 2021 Jeep 4xe! Return customer and will return again. Thank You Dan!

Jeffrey Smith
Columbia, SC

I like it because it lets you use factory fog lights if you want. They also have a featherweight aluminum option that doesn't have holes for fogs and is essentially a stubby bumper. I am very pleased with all of their stuff. [JL/JT Adventure Series Bumper]

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Los Angeles, CA

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