Jeep JL JT Front Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M210).
Jeep JL JT Front Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M210).
Jeep JL JT Front Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M210).
Jeep JL JT Front Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M210).

Jeep JL/ JT Front Diff Cover (Advantek Dana 44/M210)


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HD Diff Cover for Dana M210 (2018 JL Rubicon, JL Rubicon Unlimited, and JT Gladiator Front Differential Cover)



These are heavy duty differential covers ready for the next generation of Jeep, and whatever the trail can throw at it! Upgrading to heavy duty covers are a must for "heavy users" or anyone looking to protect their axles while playing near rocks. We focus on having the best product to market rather than the first to the market, but this product happened to be both! We pride ourselves on these because of the (not so) minor detail of machining the mating surface flat unlike many of the other fabricated covers we've seen out there. A good weld will leave covers warped unless machined post welding.

CAD designed using 3D models for a precise fit, and to maximize clearance to the trackbar/steering. These are constructed from a 3/8" steel laser cut flange, and 1/4" steel laser cut and CNC formed body. These are beautifully hand welded inside and outside for the utmost strength.

These are decked flat/drilled in one of our in-house CNC mills *after welding*. This ensures that the mating surface is flat, and the bolt pattern is a precise match, regardless of any heating/cooling/warping that would be the result of the welding process. Because of this, RTV sealant is optional, and a factory style re-usable gasket can still be used.

Hardware kit and fill plug are included. Made with pride in the USA.
*Some photos may be of early prototypes; actual product may differ slightly visually - but are functionally the same*

We now stock these in bare metal, textured black powder coat, and a smooth red powder coat; there is typically a two week additional lead time for these colors unless they are in stock. If you want a different color, call us for a lead time.

*Verify that your vehicle is equipped with an M210 Front Differential Housing*
The Dana Spicer M210 Front Differential is standard equipment for the all new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL, 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon JL, and new JT Gladiator models. This cover will most likely *not* fit factory front differentials in Sport, Sport S, and Sahara trims of the Jeep JL. This item will *NOT* fit 2018 Jeep Wrangler *JK* models of any trim.
You can look on your build sheet for "Dana M210 Wide Front Axle" or the window sticker for "3rd Generation Dana® 44 HD Wide Front Axle.


What is the torque spec for the included M8 Grade 12.9 bolts? It is 34 ft lbs as measured on a torque wrench.

Where is the drain plug on this thing? Do you have to remove the diff cover to drain it?
Removing the cover/pumping is unnecessary. Unlike the earlier JK Dana 30 and 44, these new axles already have a drain plug/boss cast into the pumpkin. Removing the cover for a thorough inspection and wiping down any residual used oil may be beneficial though.

Do I need to use the factory gasket?
Yes. The reusable factory gasket is quite thick and this cover is designed for use *with* it. Clearance to internal components may be decreased without it.

I see that the logo is bare metal on the powder coated diffs; will that rust without coating?
No, it is made of stainless steel and will not rust.

Is this available with a raised fill hole?
Yes, please just give us a call! A raised fill plug is not necessarily recommended for most configurations. There is some simplicity to using the bottom of the fill plug as the “full level” like the factory covers; but we can certainly build them with a raised fill plug for those of us with pinion angles that have been rotated significantly. Most JL’s running 0 to 3″ of lift will not have a significant rotation of the rear pinion angle and therefore will have a “fill level” that is very close to factory.

Additional Details 

Products are designed and fabricated to fit vehicles that have varying tolerances from the factory, minor hand fitting may be required.

Products are shipped bare metal unless otherwise specified by the customer. Bare metal products may have scratches or surface imperfections as a result of raw material handling, manufacturing, and fabrication. However, these imperfections are easily covered up with a textured powder coat finish. Additional finishing, sanding, and prep work may be required if you wish to also have them finished with a smooth powder coat or paint.

Projected lead times are estimates only, and are subject to changes due to production realities, including material and labor availability and sudden variability in order volume. Lead times are not guaranteed, but we do guarantee that we are hard at work trying to get the best product we can produce and into our customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

All Next Venture Motorsports products are laser cut, CNC formed, and hand-weld with pride in the USA. We are a Colorado-based business, and welcome visitors by appointment at our Grand Junction, CO headquarters. We hope to see you out there on the trail soon!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Most definitely recommend

Purchased these so that my Jeep would stand out and the folks at NVS knocked it out of the park. Thing is beefy and will definitely take a beating. If you’re in the market for a new Dif cover, certainly recommend these.

Todd Jubert
Built to withstand a beating!!

This diff cover is solid!! Very well built, will take a beating. No worries while out on the trail if I hit a rock/Boulder. Purchased the front and rear along with with skids! Great customer service, great company and the best is it’s Made in the USA.

Garth S.
Well built, great company. Cant wait for more products. Recommend to all Jeep JL owners.

Well built, great company. Cant wait for more products. Recommend to all Jeep JL owners.

Brian Russell
Top notch, solidly built!

Top notch, solidly built! There is a reason we ran both the front and rear covers from Next Venture at SEMA this year.... the product is exactly what we needed. Bullet proof for the trails.

Very solid and great welding.

I bought front and rear covers. Very solid and great welding. Easy to install if you can reach all the upper bolts. The sway bar and other cross beams get in the way. Great drain plug and reused existing gasket. They look sharp! No leaks. Also the price was much lower than others. Package was well protected and arrived in 2-3 days. They came with bolts that have interior hex of 5/16 I think. The drain plug takes a 1/4 ? hex ball. I picked up a ball set at Harbor freight for $7 so no issue. The top bolts do not fit with space so I used the original screws in the tight places and they are fine. 5 star stuff!

[Note from Next Venture: Current Hardware is Metric; 6mm and 8mm respectively. Top bolts may require drooping of the suspension on stock height vehicles. Thank you for the review!]

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