JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)
JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)
JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)
JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)
JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)
JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)

JT Gladiator Aluminum Belly Skids (3.6 V6)


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JT Aluminum Belly Skids

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Want to be ready for any trail, any time? Skid plates provide advanced protection for your JT's most critical components -- your engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel tank -- while you're tackling tough terrain, technical obstacles, and of course for the ride home.

When you're looking to save weight, given the added protection these skids offer over factory pieces, full belly skids become the largest piece of real estate to consider on or under your Jeep. Similar steel skid plates can increase weight by as much as 150 lbs over the factory skids; whereas aluminum belly skids net only a 10-20 lb increase in weight as 85 lbs of factory skid plate material is removed during installation. 

Our UHMW Gladiator Skid System is Now Featured On Shaun's JT Build on The Story Till Now

If you want a guided walk through of the features of our belly skid system, and an overview of the installation watch the video below!

Product Details

We build these skids out of 1/4" thick 5052 Aluminum for its superior formability and strength -- compared to many other alloys. The design and shape of the skids largely determine how rigid they will stay overtime. We've designed these belly skids to tuck bolt heads up and out of the way, where possible (as can be seen on the rear crossmember and fuel tank skids).

Removal of the factory fuel tank skid is required for install, netting you a 3/4" gain in ground clearance; in addition, you will lose the weight of the factory steel gas tank skid.

We also designed these pieces to be compatible with popular aftermarket suspension kits (such as the Rock Krawler and other similar Long Arm Suspension systems), larger axles, and multiple engine choices. If you opt for the UHMW  option, the JT 3.6 V6 UHMW kits weigh in at 28 lbs.

UHMW - The Ultra High Molecular Weight Option

Want to make these skid plates slippery and even more impact-resistant? Select the UHMW Option! UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene.

It's the 3/8" thick black cutting board like material that can be optioned onto these skids; it is more abrasion resistance than carbon steel, and it's fairly light weight. It helps to better distribute and absorb impacts, and keep you sliding along rather than getting stuck or hanging up on an obstacle since it's slippery and self lubricating. If you select this option, the UHMW will come included in your skid systems packaging ready to bolt on to each skid.

uhmw faq

will the uhmw hardware damage the fuel tank?

No: The UHMW panels are secured to the 1/4" aluminum skid using small nylock jamnuts. Countersunk bolts of very specific lengths are used to avoid excessive threads on the backside (top) of the skid. We also provide rubber snap on covers to provide additional protection to prevent wear on the fuel tanks!

jl/jt belly skid FAQs

A 1.5" lift (or just 1.5" bump stop extensions on the front) is recommended for clearance to the motor mounting brackets on 3.6 V6 JL models from 2018-2020. JT 3.6 V6 and JL 3.6 V6 model year 2021 and newer can typically be run without any lift or bumpstop extensions.

No lift or bump stop extension is required for the 2.0 I4 engine, 4xE, Diesel or 392, however we do suggest cycling your suspension and testing your bump stops each time you make a change to the configuration of your vehicle.

These belly skids will work with Rock Krawler*, EVO, and Teraflex** Long Arm kits with minor modifications.

*Please note that the Rock Krawler "Rockzilla" kit is an entirely different animal from the conventional long arm kits and requires deletion of the factory fuel tank and replaces it with a custom fuel cell. Our skid system is not compatible with this, however we are working on skids that will work for this!

**Teraflex long arm kits do require slight modification to the fuel tank skid as this suspension kit relocates the rear lower control arms underneath the frame rail where the fuel tank skid would otherwise interfere -- 5 minutes with a cutoff wheel prior to installation resolves this issue.

Yes; however you will have to remove your belly skids if they are already installed in order to place the UHMW onto your bare metal system. We carry special washers to fill the previously countersunk aluminum areas of the skid that are required before installing the UHMW. Contact us for more details!

Additional Details

The skids shown in some images are pre-production units; production units shipping now have countersunk bolts that mount flush on the bottom-most surface of the skids.

*If you completed an engine swap on your JLU, please contact us before ordering so we can get everything right! We are working on JL 2 Door models, however don't have them yet. Keep an eye out for an update on our website for those soon!*

Products are designed and fabricated to fit vehicles that have varying tolerances from the factory, minor hand fitting may be required.

Products are shipped bare metal unless otherwise specified by the customer. Bare metal products may have scratches or surface imperfections as a result of raw material handling, manufacturing, and fabrication. However, these imperfections are easily covered up with a textured powder coat finish. Additional finishing, sanding, and prep work may be required if you wish to also have them finished with a smooth powder coat or paint.

Projected lead times are estimates only, and are subject to changes due to production realities, including material and labor availability and sudden variability in order volume. Lead times are not guaranteed, but we do guarantee that we are hard at work trying to produce the best product we can and get it into our customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

All Next Venture Motorsports products are laser cut, CNC formed, and hand-weld with pride in the USA. We are a Colorado-based business, and welcome visitors by appointment at our Grand Junction, CO headquarters. We hope to see you out there on the trail soon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Definitely a Premium buy

These thing are impressive, packing was immaculate! Install was easier than I thought as well. Great product!


Overall good product. Installation instructions are poor and installation video is more advertising for the UHMW than actual product install. Shipped incorrect bracket and response was slow but did send replacement with no issues. Nut sticks had to be ground down to fit and bolts were too long and had to be cut off to make fit. Actually used competitor video to aid my install. Does as it is designed once you get past the modification of parts necessary.


I'm sorry to hear that you felt the instruction video was lacking. I edited that one myself; and we definitely stacked the first few minutes with why you might want to select certain options (such as UHMW) since most folks watch the install videos while researching products. I thought that would help customers make the right choice for them by sharing. The remainder of the video is very focused on installation procedure, and shows nearly every component that goes in. We've typically had pretty good feedback from folks who watched the entirety of the install video.

We have made a couple of changes the system since you ordered it in 2022; the bolts shipped are 5mm shorter (40mm vs the previous 45mm bolts) as we did see the same issue on occasion with having to shorten the M12 bolts that go into the transmission crossmember. Appreciate the feedback; would be curious to hear more about what would have made the install video clearer.


Margaret Vanderburg
Quality Build

Just installed and the guys who did the installation were genuinely impressed with the qualify and the build

Ryder Gear LLC Pro Review
Excellent Performance, Excellent Service, Worth Every Penny, GET THE UHMW!

I cannot speak more highly of NVM Aluminum Belly Skids, Diff Covers, and Diff Skids. Not only are they designed perfectly, strong as hell, and perform impeccably, but the UHMW is a complete GAME CHANGER in Off-Roading. Immediately after install I put this armor to the test in UTAH and ARIZONA on Hole in the Rock, Arch Canyon, Elephant Hill, Top of the World, Cliff Hanger, Poison Spider, and Backway to Crown King. The sliding over obstacles when there just is no line not to scrape is just amazing. No more metal grinding sounds. On top of that the staff at NVM is awesome, friendly, and has great customer service. I would like to personally call out Casey, Dan, Wes, and RJ, but everyone there was awesome and helpful. I had the pleasure of visiting the HQ in Grand Junction and they all took great care of me. NVM is indeed on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for and there is no doubt to me that these skids will outlast double or triple the use of competition can offer with 1 set and 1 install. WORTH EVERY PENNY and MADE IN AMERICA.

Jimmy Brown
Amazing product!

The fit & finish of the under belly skids are second to none. Couple that with the UHMW material (that already comes pre-installed on the skids) and you have one amazing product. The installation was pretty simple; though I would definitely heed the companies' advice and have a nearly fuel tank before the install. I cannot wait to test this system out on the trails! You knocked it out of the park Next Venture Motorsports!

Why next venture?

parts inspired by the trail

Our team got into the game after rock crawling, wrenching, fabricating and being inspired to design and build parts for what we love to do: hit the trail.

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After this go around with Moab and Holy cross, the diff skids did their job and protected my Jeep. My rear aluminum bumper performed phenomenally on the trail!

Rennato Lopez
Colorado Springs, CO

Can’t say enough about Dan and his ultra skilled team! Dan was able to get us in for a skidplate with UHMW & sliders for our JKUR. The fit, finish and quality are just out of this world! Can you say “stacked dimes”? Absolutely gorgeous welds…

Lance Wende
Montrose, CO

2 years later I'm writing this review. I've beaten the crap out of this thing hitting rocks, winching, draging it down obstacles, and now exposed to the Florida elements. The bumper looks like it did the day they sent it. You will not find a better company to work with that cares about their clients and their products!

JL/ JT Front Bumper - Adventure Series - Factory Fog Lights.
Kelly Colwell
Panama City, FL

My rear Next Venture diff skid takes a beating! Best rear diff skid available. Well done!

Lee Bower

Quality is amazing, items fit perfectly. Couldn't be more happy; these are gonna help out a lot between the tons and LS1.

Austin Besnier
Lakeland, FL

Without a doubt, Next Venture Motorsports is my first stop for epic Jeep parts. Their JL aluminum front and rear featherweight bumpers are solidly built, easy enough to install, and crafted to perfection. I can't wait for more products for my 2 door JL!

Michael Collette
Kimberly, WI

They invited me and my whole crew in for a tour of the facility on our way to Moab. These guys not only produce amazing armor for your Jeep, they are really good people. So, I’ve been running their rear diff skid for 9 months and it has easily held up to everything I’ve thrown at it.

Gary Swogger
Felton, DE

AWESOME quality and customer service. 2021 Jeep 4xe! Return customer and will return again. Thank You Dan!

Jeffrey Smith
Columbia, SC

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