JL Aluminum Rear Bumper - Featherweight Series


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Yes LEDs / Yes Sensors / Bare Metal -Est. 3-5 weeks to Ship
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JL Aluminum Rear Bumper - Featherweight Series

Looking for a heavy-duty Jeep JL Wrangler bumper in a lightweight, stout package? We have modified our Rimrocker Series bumpers, by changing out nearly every component for slightly thicker, but lighter-weight, aluminum components. Let us introduce our Featherweight Series rear bumper!  

Product Details

Crafted from a combination of 1/4" and 3/8" Aluminum, and 1" thick steel recovery points, this rear bumper is both lightweight and stout-where-it-counts so that you can hit the hardcore trails with confidence!

The machined 1" thick recovery tabs extend inside the bumper and are bolted through the mounting brackets that attach the bumper to the frame of the Jeep.

The bumper can accommodate up to a 38" tailgate-mounted spare tire without raising the spare tire mount; a 40" tire if you do raise the spare. The spare tire recess also doubles as a step at the rear of the Jeep -- with dimple died holes to give your boots some grip!


  • Aluminum construction
  • Improved departure angles
  • Built-in recovery points
  • Up to 10 mounting points on the sides and bottom of the frame rails, which prevents unwanted rotation of the bumper into the body tub if you take a real hit on the trail
  • Accommodates the factory hitch receiver, so you maintain your OE rating while towing
  • Optional light provisions designed for Baja Designs S2 Flush Mount Lights
  • An aluminum backing plate behind our logo cutout (shown here with blue or orange vinyl on it in some demo photos)

Weight: 34 lbs

We highly recommend relocating the license plate from the bumper. If you're out there on the trail, it's bound to be pulled off by rocks. For this modification check out our License Plate Relocation Brackets.

Like the design? Check out the matching Featherweight Series JL Front Bumper here.


  • Can I order this bumper Powder Coated?
    • Yes, however, the lead time can vary greatly depending on the choice of powder coat and other orders in the queue. Please call us if you would like to order this bumper powder coated.

Additional Details

Products are shipped bare metal unless otherwise specified by the customer. Bare metal products may have scratches or surface imperfections as a result of raw material handling, manufacturing, and fabrication. However, these imperfections are easily covered up with a textured powder coat finish. Additional finishing, sanding, and prep work may be required if you wish to also have them finished with a smooth powder coat or paint.

All Next Venture Motorsports products are laser cut, CNC formed, and hand-weld with pride in the USA. We are a Colorado-based business, and welcome visitors by appointment at our Grand Junction, CO headquarters. We hope to see you out there on the trail soon! 

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Johnson
Incredibile Bumper!

Next Venture Motorsports created an astonishing rear bumper for their aluminium Featherweight Series.

This bumper hit all the marks for me;

-The design is cosmetically pleasing and flows well with the shape and curves of the Jeep making it look like it was supposed to be there, a definite plus.

-With the bumper made out if aluminum along side with some smart fabrication methods, it equates to it being extreamly lightweight yet super strong. A great balance of what I was in need of.

-Having the aluminum is a very good choice as well for anyone dealing with snow and salt such as I do. I am looking forward to not having to worry about touching up the metal every time I bump or scrape the powdercoat.

-There are two extreamly secure recovery points for use with shackles, this is definitely a huge necessity for anyone utilizing their vehicle offroad and may encounter a situation where they are needed.

-Mounting this bumper was quite a task which would be my only complaint, some of the install bolts are very hard to get to and the reinforcement plates are a bit of a pain to hold in place and get started...however... there is good reason behind this bumper being trickier to install then others. This bumper mounts so close to the Jeep that it greatly improves departure angles and clearence. Although it can be a trick to get it all lined up and all the bolts in, it is well worth the time and effort to have such a quality bumper. Key bit of advice is to leave ALL the bolts loose before tightening any of them down.

Overall, a truly impressive bumper. I know that the rear or my Jeep is now well protected and I have the ability to recover or be recovered if need be. Lightweight, strong, clean looks... what more could you ask for in a rear bumper? I am definitely a happy customer and am very pleased that this is the rear bumper that went onto my Jeep!

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My rear Next Venture diff skid takes a beating! Best rear diff skid available. Well done!

Lee Bower

Quality is amazing, items fit perfectly. Couldn't be more happy; these are gonna help out a lot between the tons and LS1.

Austin Besnier

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