XJ Unibody Stiffeners (Main)


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XJ Unibody Stiffeners (Main) reinforce your XJ to prevent the Jeep Cherokee's unibody from bending, cracking and twisting on hardcore trails.


XJ Unibody Stiffeners (Main)

The XJ Unibody Stiffeners (Main) reinforce your Jeep Cherokee XJ's unibody to prevent bending, cracking and twisting on hardcore trails. The venerable XJ platform isn't equipped with a traditional ladder frame like many other platforms, which hasn't stopped the well established XJ community from beefing them up and making them last longer.  We equip our own Jeep Cherokee XJ projects with frame stiffeners in the early phases of builds for this reason. These Unibody Stiffeners are laser cut and CNC formed with pride in the USA.
Product Details

We laser cut the XJ Unibody Stiffeners (Main) from 3/16" thick A36 Pickled and Oiled steel plate and also CNC press form them for a perfect fit every time. These parts are designed to be welded onto the unibody's main channel/ uni-frame/ mid-frame section. The design also includes precut rosette weld holes to provide additional strength in bonding the unibody to the stiffeners with plug welds.

The XJ Unibody Stiffeners (Main) extend from behind the front lower control arm and mount up to the front of the rear leaf spring mount. These items are sold as one pair: one left and one right main channel. Two pairs are pictured in this listing to show the inside and outside profiles better.

If you are working on a 84-86 XJ, you may need to remove extra material during installation.

Additionally, if you are looking for reinforcement on your XJ's front unibody, we offer XJ/ MJ Unibody Stiffeners (Front) that mate up with the front of the XJ unibody.

We ship these parts in a bare metal finish. Bare metal products may have scratches or surface imperfections as a result of raw material handling, manufacturing, and fabrication. However, these imperfections are easily covered up with a textured powder coat finish. Additional finishing, sanding, and prep work may be required if you want a smooth powder coat or paint finish.

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My rear Next Venture diff skid takes a beating! Best rear diff skid available. Well done!

Lee Bower

Quality is amazing, items fit perfectly. Couldn't be more happy; these are gonna help out a lot between the tons and LS1.

Austin Besnier

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