Z Automotive Tazer JL and JT Mini Programmer

Z Automotive Tazer JL and JT Mini Programmer


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The Tazer JL Mini is an electronic plug-in device for the following vehicles:

  • 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL
  • 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT
  • 2021-2023 Jeep Wrangler 4XE

Simple Performance Adjustments. After modding your Jeep Wrangler JL or JT, you will also need to change its electronic settings accordingly. That’s what the ZAutomotive Tazer JL and JT Mini Programmer has been designed to handle. It adjusts your vehicle’s settings, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your wheel/tires and suspension system. All these adjustments can be accessed using your vehicle’s in-dash display. The amazing features can be broken into 2 categories - Vehicle Settings and Live Functions.

Trouble-Free Reprogramming. The Tazer JL Mini Programmer lets you quickly and easily adjust your Jeep’s settings based on the modifications that have been applied to it. You can adjust your vehicle’s performance for alternate tires of up to 41 inches, alternate axle gear ratios, and alternate transfer case LO range ratio.

Cutting-Edge Features. The Tazer JL Mini Programmer has been specially engineered to help you control your Jeep’s electronics effortlessly. It allows you to modify your vehicle’s TPMS settings, disable or enable sensors and other electronic processes of the suspension system. In addition, it also allows you to perform light shows with your Jeep’s lights, put your vehicle in cooldown mode and winch mode.

Vehicle Settings. This feature includes changes made to the Jeep, which continue to operate after the Tazer JL Mini is unplugged and include:

  • Change Tire Size
  • Change Gear Ratio
  • Change Transfer case LOW ratio
  • Enable/Disable TPMS system
  • Change TPMS pressure warning limit front/rear (25psi-85psi)
  • Enable/Disable Backup camera
  • Enable/Disable Cargo Camera input (8.4 Uconnect only)*
  • Enable/Disable CD (wired audio) input*
  • Enable/Disable TravelLink/XM traffic&weather
  • Change Daytime Running Lights (DRL) region (type)
  • Change DRL location
  • Enable/Disable DRL Dropout function
  • Enable/Disable factory fog lights
  • Enable/Disable Fog Light Dropout (when Fogs shut off while High Beams are on)
  • Enable/Disable Factory Halo lights (including BCM output for adding Halo’s)
  • Enable/Disable One-touch lane change
  • Change Headlight type (std/LED)
  • Change Fog light type (std/LED)
  • Change Taillight type (std/LED)
  • Change Front Turn Signal type (std/LED) supports aftermarket LED lights, too
  • Enable/Disable Trailer Tow setting
  • Enable/Disable Aux Button settings
  • Enable/Disable Blind Spot detection (if hardware added or removed)
  • Enable/Disable/Change Parksense configuration
  • Disable Electronic Sway Bar (if removed from vehicle)
  • Disable Front Axle Disconnect module for axle swaps
  • Disable Front and Rear Lockers for axle swaps
  • Disable Electronic Steering Pump for hydraulic steering conversions
  • Change cluster splash screen Wrangler/Sahara/Rubicon
  • Enable/Disable PANIC button on remote
  • One-touch return-to-stock Quick “unmarry” function returns all vehicle settings back to stock.

Live Functions. This feature includes functions the Tazer JL Mini performs live, plugged in:

  • AutoStopStart disable remembers last state of the auto stop start system and will set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
  • AutoTracKill remembers last state of traction control system and will set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
  • Can disconnect sway bar in 2WD up to 30mph (any speed if button mapped SwayKill is used)
  • Can use backup camera and added cargo/front/undercarriage camera or media player at any speed
  • TurnCAM automatic backup camera when turn signals are used (8.4 uconnect only)
  • Dark Mode- Turns off all exterior lighting and dash/radio/shifter lights while parked with engine running.
  • Light Show mode 6 preset and 3 make-your-own Light shows that flashes all the exterior lights, perfect for car shows/first responders/off-road visibility. Control from Key Fob or steering wheel buttons. Can be enabled for in-motion use for parades, off-road and legal police/EMS.
  • Axle Locker control (Rubicon) Engage lockers in 2WD and 4Hi on demand
  • Sway Bar control in 2WD with automatic re-engagement at 30MPH
  • SwayKill Disable sway bar on demand in any drive mode, any speed.
  • TC Kill Tuns off traction control, stability control and ABS.
  • Hood Alarm When the vehicle theft alarm is armed, monitors hood activity and will sound the alarm and flash light shows if opened.
  • Cooldown mode: Turn engine fans on demand when the ignition is on, engine not running
  • Line Lock: Can lock front brakes for an easy burnout
  • Rock Crawl: Can lock all four brakes by pressing steering wheel buttons to hold the vehicle still, especially helpful when off-road.
  • Winch Mode: Raise idle to 2000 RPM with a simple button press.
  • Button Mapping: Use cruise up, down and right buttons as quick-access to some of Tazer JL’s functions, when cruise control is off.
  • Clear CELs Reset that pesky check engine light. Good when you have mods that set the light and you know exactly why.
  • 0 to 30 and 0 to 60 Timers Displays 0-30 or 0-60 times on EVIC display
  • Firmware updates new firmware is available periodically, always free!

High-Quality Construction. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, this electronic device has been specially built using high-quality materials for lasting use.

Simple to Install. The Tazer JL Mini Programmer is simple to install. It simply plugs into your vehicles OBD2 port.

Covered by a 90-Day Warranty. For quality assurance, Z Automotive covers the Tazer JL Mini Programmer with a warranty against material or manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the sale date. Please note that other limitations to this warranty may apply.

Application. This ZAutomotive Tazer JL Mini Programmer has been specifically designed to be used on all 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL models.


This component is not manufactured by Next Venture Motorsports LLC. We do not make any claims as to the origin of materials, labor or components supplied by the vendor, and thus cannot guarantee what percentage of this particular component may be sourced globally as opposed to sourced from North America or otherwise.

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They invited me and my whole crew in for a tour of the facility on our way to Moab. These guys not only produce amazing armor for your Jeep, they are really good people. So, I’ve been running their rear diff skid for 9 months and it has easily held up to everything I’ve thrown at it.

Gary Swogger
Felton, DE

After this go around with Moab and Holy cross, the diff skids did their job and protected my Jeep. My rear aluminum bumper performed phenomenally on the trail!

Rennato Lopez
Colorado Springs, CO

Can’t say enough about Dan and his ultra skilled team! Dan was able to get us in for a skidplate with UHMW & sliders for our JKUR. The fit, finish and quality are just out of this world! Can you say “stacked dimes”? Absolutely gorgeous welds…

Lance Wende
Montrose, CO

2 years later I'm writing this review. I've beaten the crap out of this thing hitting rocks, winching, draging it down obstacles, and now exposed to the Florida elements. The bumper looks like it did the day they sent it. You will not find a better company to work with that cares about their clients and their products!

JL/ JT Front Bumper - Adventure Series - Factory Fog Lights.
Kelly Colwell
Panama City, FL

My rear Next Venture diff skid takes a beating! Best rear diff skid available. Well done!

Lee Bower

Quality is amazing, items fit perfectly. Couldn't be more happy; these are gonna help out a lot between the tons and LS1.

Austin Besnier
Lakeland, FL

Without a doubt, Next Venture Motorsports is my first stop for epic Jeep parts. Their JL aluminum front and rear featherweight bumpers are solidly built, easy enough to install, and crafted to perfection. I can't wait for more products for my 2 door JL!

Michael Collette
Kimberly, WI

AWESOME quality and customer service. 2021 Jeep 4xe! Return customer and will return again. Thank You Dan!

Jeffrey Smith
Columbia, SC

I like it because it lets you use factory fog lights if you want. They also have a featherweight aluminum option that doesn't have holes for fogs and is essentially a stubby bumper. I am very pleased with all of their stuff. [JL/JT Adventure Series Bumper]

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Los Angeles, CA

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