RockJock Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit JL/JT OVERLAND (FORGED ARMS, 1 IN. BAR) - RJ-246100-103
RockJock Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit JL/JT OVERLAND (FORGED ARMS, 1 IN. BAR) - RJ-246100-103
RockJock Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit JL/JT OVERLAND (FORGED ARMS, 1 IN. BAR) - RJ-246100-103

RockJock Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit JL/JT OVERLAND (FORGED ARMS, 1 IN. BAR) - RJ-246100-103


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Overlanders and Racers! We heard you and the wait is over! Our heavy bar Antirock Sway Bar Kit for the front of all JL Wrangler, JL Unlimited and JT Gladiator models features a 1 in. diameter bar! This heavier bar considerably increases the rate of the front sway bar for those with racks, roof top tents, camping gear, etc. This heavy bar kit is also applicable to desert racing applications.

This kit easily bolts on with hand tools and is designed to directly replace the vehicle’s stock front sway bar. The bar is made of 4130 heat treated chromoly for ultimate strength, which is the same quality used in professional off-road competition sway bars.
The Antirock front sway bar, when used in conjunction with a rear Antirock sway bar, provides a more stable feeling cabin and balanced performance of front and rear suspension in rugged off-road conditions. Antirocks gives the driver increased traction by balancing and distributing the weight and traction over all four tires.


Kit Fits:

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – All Models
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) – All Models
  • JT Gladiator – All Models (Mojave – see notes)


Kit Includes:

  • Sway Bar Torsion Bar (1 in. diameter)
  • Forged 4140 Chromoly Frame Brackets (bolt-on)
  • Forged Chromoly Sway Bar Arms
  • Delrin Sway Bar Bushings
  • Adjustable Sway Bar End Links
  • All Required Hardware and step-by-step instructions



  • Rubicon Models - Jeep JL and JT Rubicon models equipped with the electronic sway bar, will require the use of a tuner (Tazer or equivalent) to turn off the sway bar dash light when the factory sway bar is removed.
  • JT Gladiator Mojave Models - This kit will work on Mojave models and bolt-on exactly the same, however, if the factory Mojave shocks are retained, the shock reservoirs will have to be relocated to allow the installation of the Antirock Sway Bar kit.
  • Body Roll - Being that this kit features our heavy torsion bar, if this kit is used in unloaded vehicles, you may find the front sway bar to be stiffer than you would prefer. This kit is intended for use on vehicles that are loaded down with a rack, roof top tent, camping gear, etc. If this does not sound like your application, you may be more of a customer of our lighter rate bar kits (CE-9900JKF and RJ-246100-101)
  • End Links - Out of the box, the length of the sway bar’s vertical links that are included in this kit are intended for use with our suspension systems (3.5 in. lift). Depending upon your specific vehicle’s lift, you may obtain shorter or longer links to suit, here. Additionally, all of the link rods may also be trimmed in length for fine tuning purposes.
  • Sway Bar Disconnects - If you are installing this Antirock Sway Bar kit in place of JKS sway bar disconnects, the sway bar disconnects would have had you cut part of the sway bar link mounting bracket off of the passenger’s side of your axle housing. In this instance, to install the Antirock, you will need to replace the thru-bolt heim joint and the hardware that comes in the Antirock kit for that location with a RJ-527000-101 studded rod end. This studded rod end will then install just like the driver’s side rod end in this kit.


Instruction Manual:

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    They invited me and my whole crew in for a tour of the facility on our way to Moab. These guys not only produce amazing armor for your Jeep, they are really good people. So, I’ve been running their rear diff skid for 9 months and it has easily held up to everything I’ve thrown at it.

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    2 years later I'm writing this review. I've beaten the crap out of this thing hitting rocks, winching, draging it down obstacles, and now exposed to the Florida elements. The bumper looks like it did the day they sent it. You will not find a better company to work with that cares about their clients and their products!

    JL/ JT Front Bumper - Adventure Series - Factory Fog Lights.
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    My rear Next Venture diff skid takes a beating! Best rear diff skid available. Well done!

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    Without a doubt, Next Venture Motorsports is my first stop for epic Jeep parts. Their JL aluminum front and rear featherweight bumpers are solidly built, easy enough to install, and crafted to perfection. I can't wait for more products for my 2 door JL!

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    AWESOME quality and customer service. 2021 Jeep 4xe! Return customer and will return again. Thank You Dan!

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    I like it because it lets you use factory fog lights if you want. They also have a featherweight aluminum option that doesn't have holes for fogs and is essentially a stubby bumper. I am very pleased with all of their stuff. [JL/JT Adventure Series Bumper]

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